Difference between Featured Auctions and Special Auctions

Why You Should be a Bidders and Buyers.com

 Featured Auctioneer

  1. To attract sale holders to hire you.
  2. To reduce the cost of advertising an auction.
  3. To achieve a higher $ gross on every auction for your sale holder.
  4. To enhance the reputation of your auction business and secure its future.
  5. To project the most professional image to both auction buyers and sale holders.
  6. To gain the benefits of unique auction specials and inducements that cause auction buyers to talk about your sales as compared to normal everyday hum drum of day in and day out auctions.
  7. To get a bigger crowd to your next auction.

What is the Difference Between Special Auctions and Featured Auctions?

Featured Auctions (FA)

The Sale Bill is professionally prepared and presented on B&B and upon request also placed on Auction Zip and on Your Personal Business Website.

  1. Pictures are altered, enhanced, sized and presented throughout the sale bill in the areas of text where the items are described.
  2. Each auctioneers’ sale bill Internet presentation at the top, at the bottom and on the edges is specifically prepared and designed to be unique to that particular auctioneer.
  3. Each sale bill has two or more Banners on the B&B Banner pages and Homepage that click directly to each sale bill.
  4. Only Featured Auctions Calendars are available on the Featured Auctions Calendar Page.
  5. Each Featured Auctions sale bill, banner and calendar listing is hand prepared and on the Internet at B&B within hours of its submission to B&B.
  6. Featured Auction sales and/or auctioneers must (a) be approved, (b) come from auctioneers and/or auction businesses who pay a yearly fee (three choices and price levels of participation), (c) have a minimal webpage on B&B for linking purposes (insignificant single pages referred to as websites by some consolidators), (d) have a Business Banner on all six Featured Auctions Banner Pages with their business, address, telephone number and email address, and (e) may order 11×17 Multi-Colored Paper Sale Bills at the most competitive price offered in the industry.

Fast – Professional

Call 800-503-2221 for Details of Becoming a Bidders and Buyers.com – Featured Auctioneer

Special Auctions (SA)

The Sale Bill is self-entered on B&Bs Special Auctions Sale Bill Page in the form that the auctioneer submits it (similar to submitting a sale bill to Auction Zip or other consolidators like Top Auctions – copy and paste or whatever).

  1. Pictures are emailed to B&B (similar to the Auction Zip method) and placed above or below the sale bill (similar to Top Auctions or Auction Zip’s photo gallery)
  2. Auctioneers can submit a FREE Auction Announcement and a FREE Calendar/Mini Sale Bill and select a FREE Banner.
  3. Auctioneers have the opportunity to submit their free sale bill as described above.  Pictures can be emailed as described above for a fee as low as 30 cents per picture.  Pictures (unlike on other websites) will be minimally enhanced if needed.
  4. Free sale bills with pictures require, at the minimum, a free self-entered Calendar Listing submission to be linked to the free sale bill and a $20 Banner to be selected from the “Click Here To Select Your Banner” blue buttons throughout the B&B website.  That $20 Banner clicks directly to your free Sale Bill on the Special Auction Sale Bill Page.
  5. The larger Multi-Colored Individualized Banners and 11×17 Multi-Colored Paper Sale Bills are also available to go with Special Auctions Free Announcements, and/or Calendars and/or self-entered Sale Bills

Self Entry – Free Advertising

Click the blue buttons to self enter your free advertising on the Special Auctions Pages.

If you are interested in advertising on the FEATURED
AUCTIONS PAGES with the big Multi-Colored Banners
Contact Ken at 800-503-2221 or   ken@biddersandbuyers.com