Those Hiring an Auctioneer

One Simple piece of advice – – Hire the auctioneer that indicates by their advertising and auctions on prior sales that they genuinely are concerned about each sale holder that hires them.

Answer the following questions about your potential hire then hire accordingly.  Be sure to check that
your answers are valid – – What he or she has done and does do means a lot more than what he or she
says.  Talk is cheap.  Observed performance has value.

  1. Does he or she strike you as a professional – – both in appearance and verbally?
  2. Does he or she answer your questions in specific with examples?  Any question answered with, “I’ve been in the auction business for 30 years and sell most of the sales in this area therefore I’ll get more money for your sale offering than anyone else,” is about as close to a zero value answer or assertion of qualifications as you can be given.  Demand verified specifics.
  3. Can he or she give you the names and telephone number of three satisfied clients and one dissatisfied client of sales held in the last 12 months?  Call those past clients.
  4. Can he or she show you the newspaper and trade magazine ads and paper sale bills from the last sale held that was similar to yours?
  5. Questions that need verified answers:

-What do I pay beyond your commission?

-How much is that in total at the maximum?

-Do you have an all weather sale facility?

-Where will my auction be advertised?

-What paper trade publications?

-What newspapers?

-What websites?

-Do you take pictures and publish full color paper sale bills?

-Where do you place the paper sale bills, specifically the geographic area and the type of store fronts?

-Do you give commission reductions for high dollar items or on sales grossing above a certain amount?

-Do you offer buyer incentives?

-Gift cards, total purchase discounts, etc.?

-What do you offer me that other auctioneers do not?

-What services do you offer me?

-What services do you offer the buyers?

  1. Do your own investigation; it will make you money or it will keep you from losing money.  Personnel with trade organizations either ethically recommend all members equally or unethically “push” their friends.  Only your personal efforts will get you the answers you need.  Check past performance as opposed to “unbiased” trade organization personnel opinions and assertions.

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