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If you’re not using www.biddersandbuyers.com
Read or go through this page or message.
The following information explains the New
SPECIAL AUCTIONS part of biddersandbuyers.com.
Remember This Page is for Your Education, not for use.

The purpose of this page or message is to answer most questions you have about the New SPECIAL AUCTIONS part of biddersandbuyers.com and to show, in a brief form, some of the money saving opportunities of the New SPECIAL AUCTIONS part of biddersandbuyers.com.

Click here and now on the blue boxes below.(Sample forms will be shown)
* Free Auction Announcements


* Free Sale Calendar or mini sale bill Listing 


Your self-entered Sale Bill is free.
Inquire about Package Offerings that include more than Free Sale Bills.  Reply to this page or message if you would like details. or Call 800-503-2221
* Email unlimited pictures
* Free emailing of Your Sale Bills to B&B users who request them.
– We email your sale bills from www.biddersandbuyers.com if  your self-entered Sale Bill is on B&B
– We email your sale bills from any other website where you have placed Your Sale Bills.


Type of auctions (antiques sales, land sales, etc.) emailing lists. – Call about types, numbers and price of the email lists.


* Free BannersBanners are the best means of causing a website user to look at Your Sale Bill


* Low Cost Full Color Paper Sale BillsYour best means of getting attention out to the nearby public where cheap appearing black & whites are the norm


* Free Self Entry of Your Sale Bills

You can Self Enter your sale bill or tell us, to go get it, wherever you already have it (ie Auction Zip or YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS WEBSITE or some other website).  Yes, a Free Self Entered Sale Bill or a Free Sale Bill that we go and pickup for B&B from wherever you have placed it.  We don’t charge $20 or $30 or $40 like most consolidator websites.  Nor do we charge $0 dollars and then surround your sale bill with your competitors’ advertising, like Auction Zip does.  Get your Self-Entered Sale Bills for FREE and select a Package Offering with other free benefits.
Reply to this page or message or call 800-503-2221 for details.

* Forget Auction Zip’s laborious self entry.  We will put your sale bill on Auction Zip for you for $5 and our method will also make it look better on Auction Zip than if you do it yourself.


* We also offer Special Auction Packages where packages of products and services of Bidders and Buyers.com are put together so that you can benefit from some of the most desired products and services at a discount in return for using other products.  You are welcome to call and inquire about a customized Special Auction Package.



* Maybe you haven’t experienced biddersandbuyers.com before or as it is today. Why don’t you accept our offer to share with you our biddersandbuyers.com users (auction buyers) by (1) by putting Free Calendar Listings or Mini Sale Bills and big Custom Designed Multi-Color Banners on our Special Auctions Pages.  If you would like, those Banners will be linked to Your Auction Sale Bill on either your Personal Business Website or Auction Zip (if you have your auction sale bill on Auction Zip) and (2) Order 100 of our Full Color 11×17 Custom Designed Paper Sale Bills (tell us how you want them to look and we’ll do it).  Just ask people at your sale what they thought of your Full Colored Custom Designed Sale Bills tacked on the gas station bulletin board compared to black and white sale bills of other auctioneers.


Maybe you have time now.  Go to www.biddersandbuyers.com and click on “Special Auctions” to view what things look like and to see the details of how it works or click here – Special Auctions and see everything and try everything right now. 

Thank You

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